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The love for rice begins like this...

Rice Procurement

We Procure rice from framers and various rice mandis including Narela, Tohana and Taraori.

Rice Ageing

After procurement, the rice is aged in our warehouses as per the requirement.

Rice Cleaning

The rice is cleaned by undergoing various processes like de-storing.

Rice Silky & Polish

The rice is polished by spraying water through the rice chamber.

Colour Sorter

The impurities & discoloured and broken grains are sorted and separated.


After going through the sorter, rice is graded in various compartments on the basic of its length.


The final step is to pack the rice in various quantities such as 1kg, 5kg, 10kg & 25kg.

About Green India

With a 27th year heritage and an existence since 1988, formerly known as Green India overseas, Green India Rice Millers & Exporters Pvt. Ltd. is India's most integrated rice company with a comprehensive variant of basmati and non-basmati rice.

Excellent Services

Service is the extent to which a service meets the customer's needs and expectations.

Competitive Price

Our company's biggest agenda is to give a competitive price against our competitors.

Satisfied Customers

Since the inception of our firm, we are focused towards maintaining the trust.

Quality Work

All our organized and sustained efforts are driven towards providing the customers.


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